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Joey gets to visit with is Mom! July 23rd, 2004

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Joey Bernard

Born July 21st. 2003 - Tempe, Arizona

Adopted September 12th, 2003 Phoenix, Arizona


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Joey's Story

The Passing of Mr. Miles devastated me, only those with animals seem to understand the pain someone goes through, I don't know maybe everyone understands and as my Best friend Jacqui Says "we all deal with it differently", none the less The Second week of September was a life changing experience for me.

Monday September 8th, 2003 it came to me that I was having way too much trouble finding an American Eskimo Dog Puppy, All I could find was breeders and older rescue dogs, The breeders were no help except for a small few and they all were so demanding, The rescue dogs would be a "trial and error" issue considering we already had an 11 year old Chowchow and an 14 year old cat, I felt it was time to be a Dad again to a baby Fuzz butt , as I was to Miles.

something popped in my head to look for a Samoyed Dog, I always wanted a larger dog, Samoyed Dogs are almost the same as an Eskimo's except for a few different traits and size (Joey will grow to 70 PLUS lbs.), so I begin my search, I researched the breed, Looked a dozens of websites, and told randy of my findings. Randy said ok whatever I wanted, So I continued my search and research and on Friday I went to www.azcentral.com and put "Samoyed" in the search engine. Two ads appeared and I called both. The first call was an answering machine, the second a very sweet lady named Jan answered the phone and told me she had one male left, I assumed there were only 2 in the litter since the ad only stated 1 female and 1 Male, to my surprise there were 8 in all! After a lengthy conversation I told the lady I  would call her back.

Running to randy with my findings were a little shocking to him he tossed his arms in the air and said "were not ready for a puppy", I said who is really ever ready for anything and the lady seemed nice and she is not a breeder, Randy said ok call her back and let's go see the puppies. I called Jan back and again to my surprise she said "I was hoping you'd call back, I really have a good feeling about you and I like your energy", I wrote down the directions and at 7PM we arrived in a nice Tempe development, I was shaking and very nervous as we walked to the door, Was I doing the right thing? Am I replacing Miles? would he be mad? Is this a little Miles back to finish what we started? 

Jan greeted us at her gate and in the distance I saw the Mom and Dad peering out from behind a staircase. We walked in and Joey's mom and dad (Gonzo and Gracie) seemed OVERLY happy to see us and didn't leave randy and I alone for a minute, I was soaked with licks within an half-hour of our visit! Happily bouncing to see the commotion at the door was a Little tiny white ball of fur, My heart fluttered with excitement as I stepped into the family room to meet the little devil. he immediately started to grab my shoe laces, I melted and looked at randy with an expression of "This Is It, and randy then knew we were about to take home a Tiny bundle of joy!   We all played for over an hour Joey and I went outside and ran around the pool, randy joined us as Joey chased us all over the yard. During the hour played we were told that the AD was a first day run and she had 2 other people coming the next day to look at him, but told them to call first because she didn't think Joey would be available. Coincidence?

We went in and sat for awhile visiting with Gonzo and Gracie, I asked Gracie if I can take her pup home and she licked my face so furiously I needed a towel to wipe dry, but I used my shirt instead. Then all of a sudden they fell sound asleep, Randy looked at me and said well... I said yes and we picked up Joey and quietly walked outside, I felt a sense of calmness about the whole experience and knowing the two dogs sleeping inside were ok with us made me feel even better.  We said goodbye to Jan and as we walked to the Blazer I started to cry, Randy said what's wrong?, I said "Randy, I think my heart was healed tonight", and it was. 

Joey has filled a void in my life that no human could ever fill, a void of emptiness, sadness and a longing for my companion. Joey has not replaced Miles, rather added to the love only a dog and a dog owner could share.

Miles was and is forever in my heart,

Joey and I are now on our new life's journey, together with Randy, Sable and Duchess our cat, we have many new experiences and "Kodak" moments to share and explore. This website will be our portal to the world, sharing with our friends and family All the priceless moments we will have together for as long as we can.

If you are reading this you are probably a friend or family member, thank you for caring and taking the time to understand our life, I hope this makes me as a person just a little more in focus for you.

Lot's Of Love, Hugs and Licks,

Keith, Randy, Sable, Joey and Duchess


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